Minoxa Soap

1%MINOXIDIL  soap  can  be  applied  for treatment of facial or body  hair losses.


Spot  baldness,  scientifically  referred  to as alopecia areata, is a type of self-immunity disease in human body in which hair follicles are not destroyed but the body considers body hairs as excessive and eradicates  them.  In this sort of hair loss, one or several  spots  of baldness in circular or coin or sometimes oval shapes appear abruptly and unknowingly in the scalp or beard.To  treat  this  disease  in severe cases, treatments such as corticosteroids medicines (local treatment or subcutaneous injection), MINOXIDIL, PUVA therapy, and so on can be used.

1%MINOXIDIL  soap  can be  applied for treatment of facial or body  hair losses.


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