Murano intimate cleansing gel with Aloe vera


Candidiasis or candidal vaginitis is regarded as one of the most prevalent female infections such that most women experience it several times before  menopause age.  This fungal  disease which is associated with whitish and cheesy secretions, itching and genital inflammation is normally caused by increased moisture, heat, perspiration, tight  underwear  and  pants. One way of preventing this disease is to use women’s hygienic gel Vagina washing gels are prepared and formulated for  washing  the external area of women’s genital.  The cleansing gel is alcohol-free and is further effective by maintaining  natural pH of the vaginal area and mild non-soap cleansers and thanks  to containing effective compounds of herbal extracts

Surprisingly, the most percentage of Aloe Vera  is  formed from water. The rest of it consists  of  numerous materials, of which 75% is known. The compounds  found  in  the  Aloe Vera gel contain   polysaccharides   which can   reduce   and  improve inflammation.  This  compound  also  has  the  antibacterial and anti-germs effects Antioxidants in the form of vitamins such as A, B, C, E, as well as amino acids of zinc and essential fatty acids are found in this combination.  Calcium and Aloin are also found in Aloe Vera, and the substance of the Anthraquinone in the Aloe Vera gel has antibacterial and  anti-cancer  effects.  Since  Aloe Vera contain collagen  and  vitamin E,  it increases the elasticity and  softness of the skin and keeps the skin moisturized, eliminates  the dead cells of the skin and leaves the skin with new young cells, which leads to a fresh and shiny skin.



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